Monday, February 24, 2020

The case of triage after a disaster Research Paper

The case of triage after a disaster - Research Paper Example He also needs critical care and should be the second person to attend to avoid losing too much blood. Jason should be assessed for injuries on internal organs as the lacerations on the chest are quite deep (Lee, 2010). Mr. Campbell is suffering from high blood pressure and needs urgent attention as he has already began experiencing respiratory distress and chest pain. Owing to his medical history of cardiac disease, it may turn out to be fatal in a short while. He should be the third person to attend to. It is important to help him restore his normal blood pressure. Jane needs further medical evaluation to determine her mental and physiological state. Her condition requires nursing diagnosis as it is not clear what she is suffering from but it is evident that she has a problem. She should the fourth patient to attend to. Blake is suffering from relatively mild conditions. He suffered a fractured leg that has already been stabilised. Painkillers can be administered to him to relief hi s discomfort. He will be the fifth person to attend to if there is no other acute case that will emerge as he can wait longer but not too long to cause him a lot of suffering (Koenig et al. 2006). Physical assessment on Janet will begin with neurological evaluation considering factors such as changes in the consciousness level of the patient, anxiety, lethargy, confusion and incomprehension. It is also necessary to seek for the patient’s neurological health history to determine if she had previous experiences of anaesthesia and sensory disturbance among others. The intensity of these neurological aspects will be used to determine if there are functional disorders or indications of a medical problem. These assessments will help to understand if she is traumatised as a result of the disaster and the thought of ‘near death’ situation. If her condition is as a result of shock, she will be out of danger and it will be easy to resuscitate her. The somatic,

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